The Eye in the Thicket

Editor: Seán Virgo
ISBN: 9781771870832 Categories: Nature, Literary Collections, Non-fiction, Ecology, Essays, Essays
Publication Date: 15 March, 2015
Dimensions: 6 x 8.62"

The essays in this inaugural volume were commissioned from a number of outstanding writers (many of them national prize winners). Some are professional naturalists, others are poets, filmmakers, dancers, philosophers, activists. All write with passion, originality and humour about the natural world, our place within it, and our impact upon it.
The Eye in the Thicket reminds us of the tradition embraced by natural histories, while the authors included here all have the creative ability to transcend social concerns and political boundaries. The series will create a unique archive of Canadian writers reflecting upon our environment and our history.
Contributors include: Don Gayton, Jan Zwicky, Don McKay, Barry Callaghan, Patrick Lane, Susan Musgrave, Brian Brett, Terry Glavin, Trevor Herriot, Davida Monk, Tim Lilburn, Steven Lattey, Prudence Grieve, Iltyd Perkins, and Lloyd Ratzlaff.
“Metaphor, music, character and plot are all masterfully wielded.” — Books in Canada

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