Seán Virgo

Seán Virgo was born in Malta, and grew up in South Africa, Malaya, Ireland and the U.K. He has lived on the Queen Charlotte Islands, Newfoundland, various Gulf Islands, the Bruce Peninsula and in recent years in Southwest Saskatchewan. He worked with the Scottish Nature Conservancy in the Inner Hebrides, and as well as teaching and editing, has been a sheep farmer, a logger and a well witcher. He was the writer and host of the TV series, Middle of Somewhere and edited the anthology, The Eye in the Thicket, essays at a natural history. His first publications were poetry but he is better known for his short stories (White Lies & Other Fictions; Through The Eyes of a Cat; Wormwood; Waking in Eden; Begging Questions and A Traveller Came By) and a novel set in Melanesia, Selakhi.

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