You’re In Canada Now…

Author: Susan Musgrave
ISBN: 9781894345958 Categories: Biography & Autobiography, Literary Collections, Non-fiction, Criminals & Outlaws, Essays, Literary Figures
Publication Date: 4 April, 2013
Dimensions: 6 x 8.62"

Evocative and superbly rakish, these essays are a generous diagnosis of the often offbeat worlds of family, writing, travel, sex and death as interpreted through the real life adventures of Susan Musgrave. Equally at home recounting the lore of her outlaw husband Stephen Reid, or interpreting the arcane rituals of her teenage girls, Musgrave brings to her literary essays that same invigorating freshness for which he has become known in her fiction and poetry. In settings ranging from the aching solitude of the Queen Charlotte Islands to the sweaty intensity of bandido apartments in Panama, the reader will find Musgrave musing with her legendary wit and pastiche, while creating graffiti-like impressions of the writer’s essential take on those closest to her.

About the Author

Author of 27 books, Susan Musgrave has published poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and children’s literature. Her most recent titles include: When the World Is Not Our Home (poetry, Thistledown), Origami Dove, (poetry M&S); You’re in Canada Now . . . A Memoir of Sorts (essays, Thistledown Press); and, Cargo of Orchids (novel, Knopf). Musgrave is also an editor, and has written for film and music. She has been labelled everything from eco-feminist to anti-feminist, from stand-up comedian to poet of doom and gloom, from social and political commentator to wild sea-witch of Canada’s northwest coast. She remains one of Canada’s most unique writers. Musgrave divides her time between Vancouver Island and Haida Qwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands). She says of Haida Gwaii, “This may be the one kind place on Earth.”

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