This Is The Nightmare

Author: Adrienne Gruber
ISBN: 9781897235522 Categories: Poetry, Canadian
Publication Date: 29 August, 2008
Dimensions: 5.55 x 8.5"

Adrienne Gruber?s This Is The Nightmare is the poet?s quest for exit signs, both mutual and solitary. Or is it an entrance she looks for through the forests of family and love and the changing of people, seasons and landscapes ? Either way, there are certain connections that you can only make in the time between your seasons ? a pitchfork lost to the snow, a relationship frozen in time, scars that lift from music notes, and words that find you even in dreams. In the awakening, when nature is at work both revealing and recovering, when who you were becomes who you are, there is clarity. This is the Nightmare captures these moments as rituals that reveal the disharmony of existence; and need for encounters with angels, both real and ethereal, who guide us to understand what cannot be dismissed, ignored or denied.

About the Author

Adrienne Gruber has been published in various literary magazines across Canada including: Grain, CV2, Descant, Room, and the Windsor Review. She was a finalist in Descant’s 2008 Winston Collins Best Canadian Poem contest. Gruber lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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