The Weeping Chair

Author: Donald Ward
ISBN: 9781927068236 Categories: Fiction, Short Stories (single author)
Publication Date: 31 March, 2012
Dimensions: 6 x 8.62"

Donald Ward’s stories are written in a straight-ahead narrative style that offers conceptual and philosophical underpinnings. Despite this intentional layering, he maintains the kind of economy of description and simplicity of exposition that is perfectly suited to the short story genre. Throughout his stories he likes to explore the human willingness to carry on in the face of often hostile and baffling circumstances, where nothing is as it first appears, and where endings are not predicable. These are stories that gently prod the reader to consider serious human foibles and balance that with a wicked humour. In Ward’s universe readers will find a race of superior chickens who investigate their earthly origins, a badger who shares his fears with a monk, a listless professor roused into life through a late-night dialogue with his distraught female student, and a female dwarf from the seventeenth century pursuing the love of an octogenarian at Starbucks. Always bubbling just below the surface of these stories with their oddities of plot and character is something unexpected and frequently profound.

About the Author

Donald Ward sold his first story to CBC when he was nineteen-years-old and he has been writing professionally for the last forty years.
His fiction is both thoughtful and humourous and always accessible no matter how fantastic his grounding premise may be.
In 2004 his short fiction collection Nobody Goes to Earth Any More, won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Book of the Year, and his story ‘Badger’ won the 2009 CBC Literary Award.

Ward is also an editor and book designer. Two books he has worked on have been awarded distinction at the Saskatchewan Book Awards – including Waiting for the Light (Fifth House) which won the Publisher’s Prize in 1995.
He has written, co-written, ghost-written, edited, and/or designed more than 120 volumes of nonfiction and fiction in the past 30 years.
Ward lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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