The Mystery of the Frozen Brains

Author: Marty Chan
ISBN: 9781771870283 Categories: Juvenile Fiction, Bullying, Social Themes
Publication Date: 31 March, 2014
Dimensions: 6 x 8.62"

The Mystery of the Frozen Brains is adapted from Marty Chan’s successful radio series The Dim Sum Diaries. Set in a French Canadian town in rural Alberta, the novel develops the coming to awareness of a Chinese boy in a community under the myriad of ethnic influences including French, English and Ukrainian and the ever present “red neck” attitude. As serious as the novel’s thematic dispatch is, Chan’s buoyant, gifted humour overrides the tone. After all, Marty thinks he is an alien. This is his secret, Remi Sasseville finds out, and as boys do, he forms a unique friendship with Marty. The alien invasion romp that follows is as entertaining as it is unique.
“Highly Recommended” — Canadian Materials

About the Author

Marty Chan is a nationally-known dramatist, screenwriter and author. He is the recent winner of the Edmonton Book Prize for his juvenile novel The Mystery of the Frozen Brains and former Gemini-nominated and gold medal winner for “The Orange Seed Myth and Other Lies Mothers Tell”. His second book in the Marty Chan Mystery Series, The Mystery of the Graffiti Ghoul was shortlisted for two 2007 young readers’ awards and the 2007 Arthur Ellis Crime Writers of Canada Award in the Best Juvenile category. Marty Chan lives in Edmonton, Alberta.


City of Edmonton Book Prize, 2005 (winner)

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