The Manãna Treehouse

Author: Bruce McLean
ISBN: 9781771872072 Categories: HEALTH & FITNESS, Fiction, Alzheimer's & Dementia, Diseases, Family Life, Marriage & Divorce
Publication Date: 15 September, 2020
Dimensions: 6 x 8.62"

Connie Kish is more to be admired than pitied after she’s beset by Alzheimer’s. Rarely the victim, she hangs onto her identity as a wryly intelligent woman, age forty-eight, with a lively libido. She’s caregiver to her overwrought husband, Max, taking him under her wing when it should be the other way round. They’re awash in Alzheimer’s, struggling to stay afloat in this playful and superbly written love story.

About the Author

Though this is Bruce McLean’s first novel, he has spent his lifetime writing. He claims that his early experiences include the toughening experience of working as a rivet passer in a shipyard, deckhand on a coastal freighter, logging camp chockerman, and labourer at an oil refinery. But it was what followed that gave him his language chops. He spent thirty-five years as a newspaper reporter and in various editing jobs starting with the Nelson Daily News, Trail Daily Times, the Columbian (New Westminster, BC,) Vancouver Sun, The Province, Globe and Mail, Toronto Telegram, and in London, England at the Croydon Times and Sunday Express. His storytelling in The Mañana Treehouse was inspired by the memory of his wife, Pauline St-Pierre Dion who spent the last seven years of her life with Alzheimer’s. He became what’s known as a ‘bitter ender’, with her all the way.

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