The Lie That Had To Be

Author: Sharon Palermo
ISBN: 9781895449440 Category: Juvenile Fiction
Publication Date: 25 October, 2006
Dimensions: 5.53 x 8.5"

This historical fiction takes up the perspective of a ten year old girl whose father is an Italian “detainee” in Atlantic Canada during the Second World War.

“Palermo uses a familiar YA style that makes the 1940s seem contemporary…The language is vivid…the story’s sense of a terrible wrongdoing comes across loud and clear.” Quill & Quire

About the Author

Born in Philadelphia, Sharon Gibson Palermo now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She holds a B.A. and M. Ed. from Boston University and a M.A. Ed. from Mt. St. Vincent University in Halifax. Palermo’s short story “I Am Hilda Burrows” won first prize in the 1991 Thistledown Press short story competition and was subsequently published in The Blue Jean Collection(Thistledown, 1992). Palermo has also published a book titled Chestnuts for the Brave (Nimbus, 1991), as well as several articles on teaching.

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