The Greatest Lover of Last Tuesday

Author: Neil McKinnon
ISBN: 9781771870726 Categories: Humour, Fiction, Adult, Humorous, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Publication Date: 15 March, 2015
Dimensions: 6 x 8.62"

Eighty-year-old Alberto Camelo has searched for love in all the wrong places. Nevertheless, he claims that his experiences have made him the world’s greatest lover. This claim is belied by his ancient neighbour and closest friend Adriana who taunts: “Perhaps you are the greatest lover of last Tuesday.”
Despite his claims, Alberto has never experienced real love. He is desired merely as a source of sympathy, an antidote to a boring marriage, an instrument of retribution, and a human cash dispenser. He hopes to experience true intimacy before he departs this world for what he terms “a less than inspiring place.” Upon learning that Adriana also has never encountered serious romance — though she has often meandered onto the marriage mattress — a battle of wits and wills ensue. The pair challenges one another with their opposing ideas about love and romance before discovering the secret of real love.
Vivid Latin American landscapes and cityscapes provide a rich backdrop as Alberto’s story unfolds among mountains, lakes, cathedrals, and restaurants. Romantic tropes are turned on their heads as parrots shout profanities from the corner of a café and a young woman turns the tables by using all her wit and wiles to woo a circus strong-man.
The Greatest Lover of Last Tuesday follows Alberto’s quest to climb to the summit and stand alone as a virtuoso in the realm of love. This uproarious novel will appeal to anyone with an open mind and a well-developed funny bone, as McKinnon skillfully handles serious topics such as intimacy and the nature of love with humour and imagination.

About the Author

Neil McKinnon was raised in Saskatchewan and served in the Royal Canadian Navy before working as a businessman, archaeologist, university lecturer, and freelance writer in China, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. His articles have appeared in Canadian, Japanese, Mexican and U.S. publications, and his book Tuckahoe Slidebottle was short-listed for the Stephen Leacock Award for humour and for the Alberta Book Award for short fiction. He has served on literary juries and has also edited and published academically. He is a pensioner and long distance runner. When not visiting family in Vancouver, McKinnon and his wife of fifty years, Judy, live in Mexico.


“It’s impossible not to adore these characters and envy the author’s talent. This book’s difficult to put down, easy to recommend. You will laugh out loud.” – Shelley Leedahl in Saskatchewan Publishers Group Weekly

“It is McKinnon’s use of language which makes the novel such an enjoyable read. Students will see the possibilities of language come alive in this book. Highly recommended” -J. Lynn Fraser in CM Magazine

“All (the stories) are told with the wry sense of humor and the deft turn of phrase of which Mr. McKinnon is master.” – Mildred Boyd in Lake Chapala Review

“McKinnon’s writing sparkles with wit and his descriptions are so vivid they’ll make you feel as if you’ve visited this place. The twists in the narrative will bring a smile to your face, and occasionally a lump in your throat. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the combination of a good yarn blended with brilliant literary skill.” – Alison Solomon in El Ojo del Lago
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