Sandbag Shuffle

Author: Kevin Mark Fournier
ISBN: 9781897235225 Categories: Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure
Publication Date: 27 April, 2007
Dimensions: 5.55 x 8.47"

April 1997: the city of Grand Forks is destroyed, thousands are evacuated, and Owen and Andrew are starting to enjoy themselves as they follow the flood to Winnipeg in this odd, exciting, and cheerfully irresponsible adventure.

Owen and Andrew are opportunists with rapid-fire wit, no pasts and, in Owen’s case, no legs. On the lam during the Manitoba Red River flood of 1997, these rogues quickly grasp the tactics necessary to exploit the chaos, and manipulate sympathy into personal gain. Scamming money as bogus Salvation Army reps, pawning a benevolently donated “sport coupe” of a wheelchair for profit, and eating like kings through volunteer food rations, are all in a day’s work. Sandbag Shuffle serves as an insider’s look at the architecture of natural disaster, disability, vagrant youth, and loyalty.

About the Author

Kevin Marc Fournier works with mentally handicapped adults in his position as Residential Treatment Worker in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This is his first novel.

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