Only If We’re Caught

Author: Theressa Slind
ISBN: 9781771872126 Categories: Fiction, Short Stories (single author) Tags: , , , , ,
Publication Date: 30 September, 2021
Dimensions: 6 x 8.62"

This sensational debut collection of short stories takes readers on a tour of the astonishment inside the ordinary, the quotidian. Meet the happy wunderkind inside the sad elderly lover, the vulnerable teenager inside the high-powered lawyer, the loving father inside the vampire. Vampire?


In these stories, no narrator is too far-fetched, because every voice is in some way our own. We unravel a mystery with a mortician troubled by the ghosts of his clients, stumble along a gravel road with a too-young pregnant woman searching for a lost girl, watch a feminist falling in love with the office Romeo, are charmed by a robotic humanoid with a penchant for merlot and sedition… Whether the subject is betrayal, disappointment, grief, love or longing, these stories will entertain you with zippy word-craft and sly humour, and seduce you with tenderness. Theressa Slind takes us on an exhilarating ride through the many chambers of the complicated, messed up, resilient human heart.

About the Author

Theressa Slind is a writer and librarian based in Saskatoon. Her fiction has appeared in Grain, Prairie Fire, The Malahat Review, The New Quarterly, and elsewhere. Only If We’re Caught is her first book.


2022 Saskatchewan Book Awards’ Ministry of Parks, Culture, and Sport First Book Award 

2022 Saskatchewan Book Awards’ Fiction Award
2022 Saskatchewan Book Awards’ Regina Public Library Book of the Year Award Honouring Mary Sutherland

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