Author: Cathy Beveridge
ISBN: 9781894345255 Category: Juvenile Fiction
Publication Date: 25 October, 2006
Dimensions: 4.38 x 7.03"

Offside is a novel for young adults that deftly blends Canada’s love affair with hockey and the gritty realities of teen addiction. Based on real events that took place in Calgary, Offside is the fictional story of a fifteen-year-old boy who inadvertently creates a dependency amongst his teammates on a cold remedy which they think is a performance enhancer.

About the Author

Cathy Beveridge lives in Calgary with her husband and daughters. Her previous publications include: Shadows of Disaster (Ronsdale Press, 2003); Chaos in Halifax, (Ronsdale Press in 2004); and, Offside (Thistledown, 2001) that won the 2003 SYRCA Snow Willow Award and the 2002 Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Our Choice” award.

Cathy has worked as a teacher, editor and author for a number of years.

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