Living with the Hawk

Author: Robert Currie
ISBN: 9781927068397 Categories: Juvenile Fiction, Bullying, Social Themes
Publication Date: 15 March, 2013
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.48"

Blake Russell took care of and protected his younger brother Blair. But once they reached high school and began playing football, the ground rules changed. Blake, a senior and team quarterback, moved in different circles with friends who partied, drank, bullied the younger players, and abused the girls they could attract. As the differences between Blake and Blair became more apparent, the discovery of a body in a field north of town sets loose devastating actions that would sever their brotherly bond and divide the Russell family forever.

Inspired in part by a poem written by one of the author’s students, Living with the Hawk is a novel that examines the ways in which teenage drinking, the male bonding of high-school football, bullying, misogyny, and racism can lead to tragedies which affect even well-intentioned people.

“The writing is clear and direct in its effect, and the issues raised about bullying in general and the abuse of women and of aboriginals in particular are dealt with honestly and memorably.”
—Greg Hollingshead

About the Author

Robert Currie is a poet and fiction writer who is a founding board member of the Saskatchewan Festival of Words and a former chairman of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, Currie was honoured in the fall of 2009 when he received the Saskatchewan Lieutenant Governor ?s Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts. Currie has taught creative writing for four summers at the Saskatchewan School of the Arts in Fort San and for three summers at the Sage Hill Writing Experience in Lumsden. He is the author of ten books, including the short story collections, Night Games and Things You Don? Forget, and the novel, Teaching Mr. Cutler. He lives in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where he taught for thirty years at Central Collegiate, winning the Joseph Duffy Memorial Award for excellence in teaching language arts.

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