Emry’s Dream

Editor: Dwayne Brenna
ISBN: 9781897235270 Categories: LITERARY CRITICISM, Non-fiction, Drama
Publication Date: 31 May, 2007
Dimensions: 10.28 x 8.17"

A brief history of the oldest degree-granting drama department in the British Commonwealth and a lucid pictorial celebration of the
fabulous directors and actors who have graced its stages

The University of Saskatchewan’s Greystone Theatre has the distinction of being the oldest degree-granting drama program in the British Commonwealth and its cultural history is both glamorous and intriguing. Emrys’ Dream: Greystone Theatre in Photographs and Words chronicles the social and historical forces of this landmark theatre and, through its use of still photographs and retrospective essays and interviews, is an important addition to the cultural history of Saskatchewan and the University. The archival black &white photographs together with a collection of essays and interviews featuring the work of Walter Mills, Henry Woolf, Ronald Mavor, Patrick O’Neill and others provide a sense of the political, social, and economic undercurrents that were present at the time of the production.

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