Culverts Beneath the Narrow Road

Author: Brenda Schmidt
ISBN: 9781771871549 Categories: Poetry, Canadian, Nature, Subjects & Themes, Women Authors
Publication Date: 1 May, 2018
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5"

Culverts first called to Brenda Schmidt’s imagination when she was a child. In and around their steel dark openings she played and took risks. In the daring poetry and prose of Culverts beneath the Narrow Road, the risk-taking continues through her play with forms and use of source material from interviews. In her journeys, she asked people from all walks of life — construction workers, farmers, biologists, writers, musicians — about their culvert stories. Their recollections, both dark and light, gave voice to her own, giving another sense of the connections we share and the way stories emerge and flow.

By using various poetic forms as well as essay, Schmidt is able to examine these stories and make connections through images, and to stretch and bend the quotes from her research into new visual representations of the source phrases. She uses rural settings, flora and fauna, and water imagery to accomplish these visual feats.

About the Author

Brenda Schmidt is a naturalist and visual artist living in Creighton, a mining town on the Canadian Shield in northern Saskatchewan, where she explores creative paths between the natural and digital worlds. Author of four books of poetry, including More Than Three Feet of Ice (Thistledown, 2005) and A Haunting Sun (Thistledown, 2001), as well as a book of essays, her work has been published, performed, shown and broadcast across Canada and was part of a poetry installation at the University of Exeter (UK). A past reviewer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry for Quill & Quire, she founded the Ore Samples Writers Series in 2016 and currently serves on the Sage Hill Writing board of directors. Her work is included in The Best of The Best Canadian Poetry in English: Tenth Anniversary Edition (Tightrope, 2017). She is the seventh Saskatchewan Poet Laureate (April 2017 to December 2018).

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