Cheating Fate

Author: Audrey Pfitzenmaier
ISBN: 9781897235416 Categories: Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure
Publication Date: 7 March, 2008
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5"

Cheating Fate is the charged story of four teens, all best friends, who have grown up together in a small town in the BC interior. Loyal, compassionate, and trusting they accept their friendship bonds with a resoluteness that only another teen could understand. But when they survive a serious snowmobile accident and discover they share remarkable and frightening memories of their near-death experience, they fear that their fates are sealed and that they will die at some unknown time – together. The action is paced through four distinct voices Sukhwinder, a laidback Indo-Canadian teenager who loves his friends but gets lured into illegal activity with his urban cousins; Kyle, a restless teen wanting to conquer the motocross world with extreme riding; Jeremy, a sensitive teenager craving attention from a busy single father and absentee mother; and Cassidy, the only girl in the group of friends who fears for the boys and their flawed sense of invincibility.

Tension builds as the teens decide they must separate into pairs to cheat fate rather than tempt it. But in their separate realities, and vulnerable delusions, they surrender to the idea that life without each other is not worth living. In coming to terms with their emerging spiritualities and recklessly challenging their own mortalities, they learn that there are no human powers to alter fate.

About the Author

Audrey Pfitzenmaier has a Masters of Art in Children’s Literature fom UBC, and has worked as a teacher/librarian and currently a Literacy Support Teacher. Cheating Fate is her first novel. Pfitzenmaier lives in Ladner, BC.

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