Boundary Country

Author: Tom Wayman
ISBN: 9781897235256 Categories: Fiction, Short Stories (single author)
Publication Date: 19 April, 2007
Dimensions: 5.58 x 8.48"

Stories that stalk the borderlands between people, eras and geographies – half the tales roam today’s BC Interior valleys, and half range from the US Civil War, to 1930s Europe and Toronto, to contemporary Vancouver.

Boundary Country is a hitchhiker’s guide to the quirks and foibles of those who live in British Columbia’s distinctive Kootenay mountain region. The stories capture those precise moments where history becomes memory, desire transforms into belief, and where some locale or condition alters and we name it a boundary. Deploying a heady mix of settlers’ descendants from the US Civil War and 1930s Europe to contemporary resource industry employees, back-to-thelanders, and the new wave of transplanted urban professionals, Wayman’s first person narratives capture those voices in near perfect pitch – their personalities echoing their geography, their substance steeped in authenticity and their collective truth reminding us that the only true wilderness that remains is within ourselves.

About the Author

Tom Wayman has published more than twenty poetry collections, three essay collections, two short story collections, a collection of novellas, and a novel. He has also edited six poetry anthologies. He has been Writer-in-Residence at the universities of Windsor, Alberta, Simon Fraser, Winnipeg, and Toronto. He is a co-founder of two BC alternative post-secondary ventures: the Vancouver Centre of the Kootenay School of Writing (1984-87) and the writing department of Nelson’s Kootenay School of the Arts (1991-2002). He is currently a director of the Calgary Spoken Word Festival Society and of Nelson’s Kootenay Literary Society, where he serves on the education committee and the Elephant Mountain Literary Festival organizing committee. In March 2022 he received B.C.’s George Woodcock Award for Lifetime Achievement in the literary arts. Wayman lives in Winlaw, BC.

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