Big Burn

Author: Lesley Choyce
ISBN: 9781895449433 Category: Juvenile Fiction
Publication Date: 25 October, 2006
Dimensions: 4.28 x 7"

Set in Canada’s East Coast, this novel from the award-winning and prolific Lesley Choyce grapples with current environmental issues as experienced by two teenagers.

“As with all his young adult books, Big Burn features a strong plot, some conflicts, and a resolution that isn’t glib. And there’s that unmistakable gusto for the great outdoors; lots of wind, sun, rocks, ocean and scenery.” Halifax Chronicle Herald.

About the Author

Lesley Choyce is the author of seventy books for adults and young adults. He has taught at Dalhousie University for the past twenty-five years and is publisher of Pottersfield Press. He’s worked as a rehab counselor, a freight hauler, a corn farmer, a janitor, a journalist, a lead guitarist, a newspaper boy, and a well digger. He also hosts a nationally-syndicated TV talk show on BookTelevision. Along with the Surf Poets, he has released two poetry/music albums, Long Lost Planet and Sea Level.

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