Barnabas Bigfoot: Bone Eater

Author: Marty Chan
ISBN: 9781927068434 Categories: Juvenile Fiction, Legends, Myths, Fables
Publication Date: 30 September, 2013
Dimensions: 5 x 7.07"

About the Author

Marty Chan is a nationally-known dramatist, screenwriter and author. He is the recent winner of the Edmonton Book Prize for his juvenile novel The Mystery of the Frozen Brains and former Gemini-nominated and gold medal winner for “The Orange Seed Myth and Other Lies Mothers Tell”. Chan’s last book in the Barnabas Bigfoot series, A Harry Tangle was in the top ten 2013 Alberta Readers’ Choice Awards. Marty Chan lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Publisher Note

Book three in the Barnabas Bigfoot Series revolves around the Bone Eater, a legendary creature from Sasquatch mythology who suddenly shows herself to be completely real. Back in the tribe’s home woods, Barnabas, Hannah, and Ruth must warn the scattered Sasquatch tribe about this monster, who has reappeared and poses a greater threat to them than a horde of hunting humans. Or does she?

In The Bone Eater, established loyalties are tested as our protagonists must face a triple threat: the Bone Eater, Mr. Roland’s Sasquatch hunters, and the double-crossing Sasquatch Dogger Dogwood and his family. And once again the reader is faced with universal questions of identity and belonging, and with the near-fatal consequences of misunderstanding and rejection. Barnabas, beyond saving a friend in trouble, must assert what he knows is right, even in the face of disbelief from his own tribe. Ruth, too, defends the misunderstood Bone Eater, who proves to be both victim and defender of the Sasquatches. The long-standing values of the Sasquatch culture – unselfishness, loyalty and honesty – are tested and prove true and trustworthy.

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