The Fifth Window by Russell Thornton – Reprint

Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, we have given the greenlight to reprinting The Fifth Window by Russell Thornton! This volume of poetry, originally published in a small print run back in 2000, was recently the subject of a viral TikTok. It started simply enough: the original poster of the video heard the title of the book spoken by a mysterious figure in a dream. Research into its availability yielded few results; the book was no longer available in stores, with access limited to academic libraries. At 3.2 million views, the video has inspired thousands to search for the book and eventually find Thistledown Press. The response has been huge, with orders coming in not only from across Canada but from 33 states and from countries as far away as Ireland, Norway, Australia, Germany, Bulgaria, and Bermuda. Not bad for a poetry book published by an indie Saskatoon publisher!

You can follow the original saga here and, of course, pre-order your copy of The Fifth Window here.

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