The Spiral Maze

Author: Patricia Bow
ISBN: 9781895449686 Categories: Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic
Publication Date: 25 October, 2006
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.45"

The Spiral Maze is Bow’s most ambitious novel so far, combining the pace and tension of the best adventure stories, with a brilliant conceived “other world” which in fact grew from the warped imagination of the protagonist’s undead, tyrranical ancestor.

The Spiral Maze invites students to consider the themes of identity and responsibility while it entertains in high order.

About the Author

Patricia Bow was born in 1946 and educated (in History and Library Science) at the Universities of Carleton and Toronto. She lives in Kitchener, Ontario, and makes her living as a freelance writer. One of a family of seven, she found her childhood solitudes in the woods that border the Ottawa River, in her imagination, and in books. Since Heart of Ice, her first fantasy novel, was published in Germany in 1990 under the title Wendigo-Eisiger Tod, Patricia Bow has brought out five more books for young teenagers – all thrillers with a supernatural dimension.

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