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The Face in the Garden

Author: John Lent
ISBN: 9780920633755 Categories: Fiction, Poetry
Publication Date: 30 June, 1990
Dimensions: 5.52 x 8.48"

“John Lent’s suite of stories and poems is a disarming and pleasing work that resists categorization.” Malahat Review.

About the Author

John Lent is a writer and teacher of writing and a singer/songwriter who has been publishing and performing since the mid-seventies. Lent has published six volumes of poetry, three volumes of fiction, and one book of conversations about the writing life with Robert Kroetsch. Lent’s last three books were The Path To Ardroe (2012), Cantilevered Songs (2009) and So It Won’t Go Away (2005). John Lent’s books have been long-listed for the Re-Lit Award, and short-listed for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize. For a more detailed sense of Lent’s career go to his website:

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