Author: Rita Bouvier
ISBN: 9781894345699 Categories: Poetry, Canadian
Publication Date: 25 October, 2006
Dimensions: 5.62 x 8.48"

Through the healing medicine of language, Rita Bouvier leads the reader into the world of the Métis and Cree to experience first hand the wisdom and generosity that she inherited in her birthright. Some of these poems are steeped in the tradition of the dramatic monologue; others are used as dialogue anchors to the rich oral traditions of First Nations people.

About the Author

Rita Bouvier’s fourth book of poetry, a beautiful rebellion, will be released by Thistledown Press in the Spring of 2023. Her draft manuscript placed second for the 2021 SWG, John V. Hicks Long Manuscript Award. Rita’s poetry has appeared in literary journals and anthologies, musicals and television productions, and has been translated into Spanish, German and Cree-Michif of her home community of sakitawak—Île-à-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan, Canada situated on the historic trading and meeting grounds of Cree and Dene people.

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