Einstein Dog

Author: Craig Spence
Editor: Diane Tucker
ISBN: 9781897235652 Categories: Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure
Publication Date: 21 September, 2009
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5"

Bertrand Smith is a lucky kid: his dad works in animal research at Triumph University in Langley, BC, and Bertrand is always welcome to drop by the laboratory. He and his best friend Ariel take full advantage, because Professor Smith is working on a truly unique project: Sequenced Mental Accelerated Research Trials. Based on genetic selection and training, this experiment attempts to increase canine intelligence to approximate that of a human child?s. Bertrand and Ariel are thrilled about the project, and the site of the university becomes a roaming ground for the duo and their favourite test subject, SMART Dog 73.

The dog, however, is more than an experimental subject to Bertrand: he renames her Libra, and she and the boy establish an extraordinary connection. Professor Smith plans to adopt Libra once the research is complete, but the ruthless Dean of Biology demands that he continue with the project and breed SMART Dog 73 to produce a litter of super pups. Libra births five brilliant offspring, equipped with even more skills and possibilities than their mother. The research continues, but Ariel, through a quick Internet search, discovers a chilling revelation that sends the kids and their canine counterparts on a dangerous mission.

Through risky espionage, pupnapping, and explosive conclusions, Craig Spence sprints the reader alongside the quick?witted characters as they snake through traps and create diversions of their own to stop the exploitation of the SMART dogs.

About the Author

Craig Spence’s first novel for young readers, Josh and the Magic Vial (Thistledown Press), was nominated for both a BC Book Prize and the Chocolate Lily Award. Spence lives in Langley, BC.

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