All is Well

Author: Katherine Walker
ISBN: 9781771872218 Categories: Fiction, Humorous Tags: , , , , , ,
Publication Date: 30 September, 2021
Dimensions: 6 x 8.62"

Christine Wright is having a bad day. She’s an ex-special forces soldier and a recovering alcoholic, and now her new career as an Anglican Minister has started off with the worst kind of bang. Could it be her reflexes are a little too twitchy for this job?


From the opening page, this fast-paced tale is all about a cover up: the burying of a body, while fending off an angry widow, and a very suspicious parishioner appalled by the loss of a precious church artifact. And then there’s the vengeful plot of a terminally ill military-cop-turned-stalker who plans to get Christine locked up if it’s the last thing he does


Among the many revelations and surprises we experience is the fact that we’re instantly on the side of the unfailingly flawed and irreverent Christine—who cannot imitate a perfectly pious priest even though her life so clearly depends on it. Mystic Julian Norwich, she of the famous “all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well,” is the patron saint of this wickedly funny novel. All is well for Katherine Walker’s readers despite, or because of, Reverend Wright’s many wrongs.

About the Author

Katherine serves with the Royal Canadian Navy and is an ordained minister. She writes acclaimed fiction, evocative theology, and celebrates the tradition of story. Her debut, All is Well, was a finalist Crime Writers of Canada’s “Best First Crime Novel 2022.” She considers creativity sacred, liminal, and vital for human flourishing. Connect with her at


2022 Crime Writers of Canada’ Best First Crime Novel

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