Thistledown Press is a 45-year-old publishing company embarking on a new phase of its existence with a change of ownership in fall 2020. The new team at Thistledown is delighted to be an active force in the Canadian literary landscape, producing original, engaging, and thought-provoking books by new and established Canadian authors, while at the same time honouring our past as a legacy press founded in Saskatoon in 1975.

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Leaving Wisdom by Sharon Butala

Congratulations to Sharon Butala for winning the 2023 Glengarry Book Award Prize for her novel Leaving Wisdom!

Launched by the Saskatchewan Foundation For the Arts (SFFA) in 2021, the Glengarry Book Award Prize was created to support and foster Saskatchewan’s literary culture.

The jury says, “The Jury selected the novel Leaving Wisdom for its strong craft of writing. A powerful narrative – one that stays true to character from start to finish, and themes addressing the struggle of being true to one’s understanding of the world, that resonate across generations.”

Please find further details about the book and the author, as well as ordering information, here.

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